In the News - (a.k.a. all you need to know about practicing with us)

We've had a wonderful response today, from the article in The Hindu. Big thanks to Shonali Muthalaly for that. We've been contacted by a number of people, and everyone wants to know a couple of basic things. So here's a post that should make things easy for everyone. Let me get all the 'most wanted info' right out here in the open.

  1. Do contact us at any time - use the contact page
  2. We welcome everyone, all ages, all sizes, all colours, all professions. Nobody is excluded.
  3. No there is no fee to join. We're just a group of enthusiasts who get together and practice. All you need is dedication and some free-thinking.
  4. Do you have to be strong, muscular or athletic? No. Not to start off... You will become that way if you practice as you should, but it's not a barrier to entry.
  5. Where do we practice? Take a look at this map for the locations. However, our current favourite is Natesan Park in T. Nagar.
  6. More information about practices? Do look at this post. It should have everything you need.
  7. How can you stay updated? We have a lot of ways.
    1. forums
    2. Facebook page New
    3. Twitter New

So do get in touch, and we'll stay in touch.