Parkour Classes in Chennai, The First in South India

Old Logo, Chennai Parkour ChennaiParkour is today announcing the first batch of Parkour Classes in Chennai, EVER! They are to be held from November 20th, for a period of three months. See this link for further details as to fees and more.

  1. Starting Date - November 21, 2011
  2. Course Duration - 3 Months
  3. Classes per week - 3 Days / week - Mon, Wed, Fri - 90 Minutes each
  4. Course Fee - Rs. 800/month (updated)

Who Are We?

ChennaiParkour is a group formed by dedicated practitioners of Parkour (Traceurs) in Chennai, India. Our primary goal is to better ourselves physically and mentally through discipline, hard work and movement. Though a method called by many Parkour, or L'Art Du Deplacement (ADD) by some. The trainers have been practicing parkour for between 2-4 years, and are the most experienced traceurs in South India.

About the Classes

ChennaiParkour is starting Parkour classes on November 20, 2011. We will be taking 15 students on a first-come, first-served basis. The classes will be conducted three times a week, at a time and schedule that is convenient for all the participants. There will be an emphasis on both physical conditioning and skill training, with personal guidance from Traceurs who have been training for upwards of 2 years.

How To Register

Call Vishwa +91-99626-96859 to learn how to pay your booking amount. Remember, the slots will be taken up really fast, so act now!

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