Parkour Workshop: Chennai Parkour at IIT Saarang 2012

Chennai Parkour Team at IIT Saarang 2012

We’ve got great news! Chennai Parkour conducted a Parkour Workshop at IIT-M’s cultural fest – Saarang. The workshop was conducted on two days to share Parkour with a larger audience.

Chennai Parkour Team at IIT Saarang 2012

Saarang is one of India’s most awaited college cultural festivals. This year, Chennai Parkour conducted a two day workshop to teach students some basic Parkour movements. We also taught safety best-practices and explained some of the strength training needs. These are necessary for those who train Parkour more seriously. The turnout was good. We’re happy that the participants went home feeling tired, but satisfied that they’d learnt a lot.

Here are some photographs from the event.

Photographs of ChennaiParkour’s workshop at IIT Saarang 2012

The trainers at the event were Ashwath, Prabu, Venkat, Vignesh, Vishwa and Vishal with Susheel taking photographs and Vinoth assisting. We also had visiting students from our regular course.

If you’re interested in learning Parkour in Chennai, or want us to conduct a Parkour workshop at your event, contact us right away. After all, we’re among the only Parkour trainers in India.