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More Glorious Parkour Crashes

Some old, and new ways to crash. Remember that falls like these are quite 'normal' when you're training for Parkour. However the more you train safely, within your limits, the less you're likely to fail bigger jumps. And "more" is something like thousands of times, not dozens of times.

Training Day - 1

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In the News - (a.k.a. all you need to know about practicing with us)

We've had a wonderful response today, from the article in The Hindu. Big thanks to Shonali Muthalaly for that. We've been contacted by a number of people, and everyone wants to know a couple of basic things. So here's a post that should make things easy for everyone. Let me get all the 'most wanted info' right out here in the open.

Parkour in the Indian Express

The New Indian Express wrote about parkour, and parkour in Chennai on friday. and the Urban Exodus team were featured extensively.

You can download a PDF of the article here, if you've not already read about it.

The picture here features Prabhu, Vishwa and Vinu. Tariq, Karthik, Dinesh and Venkat were also part of the photoshoot. More pictures taken by me coming up in  the near future.


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