Chennai Parkour Perform Chase Scene for the Film Mugamoodi

Tamil film director Mysskin's latest enterprise is a superhero film unlike any that Tamil Cinema has seen till date. The film, titled Mugamoodi is about a normal person who turns crime-fighter. In the film, as his superhero character is in development he chases two thieves. Director Mysskin and his team were enthusiastic about showing his audience a good chase sequence, and wanted to use some Parkour movement elements, this is where Chennai Parkour's performance and choreography team came in. 

The Chennai Parkour Performance team along with Tamil Film Director MysskinA team of six traceurs were commissioned to play the thieves during the chase sequence, to choreograph the moves across various parts of Chennai, and also to choreograph the hero's and thieves' moves. Here's a photograph of the team along with director Mysskin after the last night of shooting. In the photograph, from left to right: traceurs, Vishwa, Vishal, Prabu, Ashwath, Director Mysskin, Vishal, Baskar, Venkat, Susheel.