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The Learning From a Workshop

The Patasala Montessori school in Nungambakkam has a strength of 28 kids, aged 6 to 12. My knowledge of the Montessori system is very flaky and is all from hearsay. There are many instances during parkour classes that parents like Uma Naren have pointed out that what we teach has a lot of similarities to Montessori education. But it remained a mystery to me.

Parkour Workshop at BITS Pilani, Goa, Waves Fest. 2013

This is a report on the event by Vishwa Dayakaran.

Tamil Nadu Parkour Association’s Parkour Workshop at BITS – Pilani Goa

Members of Tamil Nadu Parkour Association (TNPK) were invited by the organisers of WAVES, a cultural festival by BITS, to conduct a 2-day Parkour workshop and demonstration at their beautiful Goa Campus.

New Video: Thiruppam - The Flip-Side

Vishwa, Vignesh and Baskar feature in this new video of our team-members. They go around Chennai city doing handstands in the most unlikely places. Watch them do handstands in parks, historical monuments, at bus, stops, train stations and scenic locations. You'll see them do handstands on skateboards, railings, tracks, hopping down stairs, climbing down rocks and more... Want something more? OK... They also do these handstands around the clock, with one location for every hour of the day... 

Time to watch the video now...

Chennai Parkour Perform Chase Scene for the Film Mugamoodi

Tamil film director Mysskin's latest enterprise is a superhero film unlike any that Tamil Cinema has seen till date. The film, titled Mugamoodi is about a normal person who turns crime-fighter. In the film, as his superhero character is in development he chases two thieves. Director Mysskin and his team were enthusiastic about showing his audience a good chase sequence, and wanted to use some Parkour movement elements, this is where Chennai Parkour's performance and choreography team came in. 

Aarambam 2011

Finally, we have a video, featuring Vishwa Dayakaran, Vignesh Raghavan, Vishal Kumar, Venkat Alavandar and others.. Hope you like it. Watch it in HD and let us know what you think.

Video for April Beginners Camp

I'm happy to announce that Chennai Parkour's Annual Beginners two day Camp that was conducted in April, 2010 now has a video.

We aim to inform beginners about what Parkour is, and help them develop and understanding of why they should practice Parkour. We also ensure that they have a good understanding of how demanding Parkour can be on your body, and provide them with some conditioning exercises that they can do at home alongside a set of basic skills for them to build on.

Check out the video below, and if you like it, I invite you to give it a thumbs up.

In the News - (a.k.a. all you need to know about practicing with us)

We've had a wonderful response today, from the article in The Hindu. Big thanks to Shonali Muthalaly for that. We've been contacted by a number of people, and everyone wants to know a couple of basic things. So here's a post that should make things easy for everyone. Let me get all the 'most wanted info' right out here in the open.

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